Shower Heads

Shower heads are in every home, but theyíre an underestimated fixture in the house. Sure people will spend a large amount of money on their mattresses, couches, chairs and anything else that they sit on their house, but the shower may get neglected. If waterís coming out, it should be good, right? Yes - but thereís so much comfort to be found in nice shower heads. They can be as invigorating as a massage and get you cleaner than ever before. Used singularly or in combination with multiple heads, a nice one of these products will be an amazing perk to your day. So much so, you might start showering to just to relax.

There are many different models of shower products available, such as flexible shower heads versus standard heads, and their prices can range from under a fifty to well close to a few hundred dollars for a single head. However, itís best not to go too cheap even if you are on a budget. For one, itís important to remember that while showering can be relaxing, a head is also a pipe that undergoes tremendous strain and pressure while in use. A cheap model can become easily cracked or seals can break, making your shower suddenly more difficult.

Another reason is to find the right model that works for your body. Compare people who are bald to those with long hair - each needs to shower, but they may not need the exact same model because they donít needs as much water.

So how do you choose the best shower heads?

Probably the first choice most homeowners (or lucky) apartment owners will make is deciding on whether to get a prehensile, detachable or fixed model. Each has different pressure ratings and options of hose spray, such as rain shower heads, and each offers a different bathing experience. Detachable models are good for those who like to have the spray close to their bodies and can be good for models with massage settings. Prehensile are good for households that have people of differing heights who may need to constantly adjust the exact position of their spray. Fixed models are the standard and have the most variety in types of heads. As part of this, you can also look for high pressure shower heads.

There is however, one more element before considering specific spray designs, and that is efficiency. Most people have realized how much money they can save if they switch to high efficiency shower heads, which reduces the amount of water used in each shower. Aside from good for your pocketbook, these products are also very good for the environment as well.