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Flexible Shower Heads

Flexible shower heads are the best type of shower head models for a home with a mixed group of people. It may not seem obvious to some people in a family, but showering can be sometimes be an annoyance if a shower head isnít in the a comfortable position. Whether itís too high or too low, a shower with a head in the wrong place can mean problem like left over soap in the hair from a too high of head or a bright red mark on the chest or back from a head that is too close to oneís body. But a flexible model solves these problems.

There is a distinction from a flexible unit and a detachable shower head. A detachable head may seem just as good, however, unless you always use it detached, the fixed position of its holder may still be very inconvenient. A flexible unit on the other hand allows the user have a fixed position for their shower head that matches with their height.

These models use prehensile pipes that can be turned, cocked, lifted and dropped in almost any way possible. This can be good for not just showering, but also relaxing and sharing a shower as well.

The prehensile pipe is the one distinction of these models, however they can be purchased in a large variety. This includes popular units like high pressure heads, rain models and units with massage function. With these benefits, if you purchase one, youíll be surprised that this feature isnít a standard product in every home.

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