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High Pressure Shower Heads

High pressure shower heads are the answer to many people’s prayers and wishes over the years. As time has passed, many people have begun to realize the immense expense that a shower can be on their home’s budget. Not only this, people have started to see how much of an environmental impact that a single shower can have on the local environment. For this reason, many homeowners switched over to high efficiency and low flow showers. While helpful to the environment, there was one tiny drawback - get sprayed by these units felt like get hit with a hose that was barely on.

For a lot of people, though they may have been saving water, the thought occurred to them that their showers were actually taking longer. Not only this, they were no longer enjoy the experience of showering anymore.

High pressure units were the answer to these problems.

Instead of trying to pump more water the head, these products re-routed the water going through their pipes in order to increase the pressure of the water as it exited the head. This meant, that although the head may have been consuming less water per minute, they were still getting a strong flow of water from the head. Not only does this make rinsing the hair easier, it’s also a much more comfortable experience than a weak spray.

These products come in a number of different styles, including many of the more popular styles such as rain and massage models. Be careful though, many companies will advertise their product is high pressure, when it isn’t subjectively so.

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