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Rain Shower Heads

Rain shower heads are one of the latest types of models for showering that have come out in the last ten years and everybody seems to want. These products give a wide steady flow of water that comes out at a low pressure. They quite well simulate the effect of standing in a heavy rain. Except, the water is warm, flows softly, consistently and gets you clean. They are an excellent replacement for a standard head as well as an addition to a larger shower.

Many people began by adding these products to their existing shower layout. These fixtures are usually set in the center of a standing shower and allow for differing options when taking a shower. Aside from the sense of relaxation they bring, these models are perfect from rinsing soap and conditioners from the hair because of their steady and full flow. Models can be found to replace existing showers (more of a sideways rain). These units are mostly smaller than overhead models, which can span over a foot in total. Many new models of heads actually have a setting for this type of flow.

One point to consider on these models is the amount of water they use. Itís nice to think of getting hit with two sprays of water at the same time, but in actuality, you may be consuming a large amount of water. Aside from being expensive, this can have a very large environmental impact. So when deciding on purchasing such a model, consider your showering habits and upgrading many of your standard heads to high efficiency units.

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